A Farm-Sim with Science & Robots

We are working on a 2D farming game inspired by Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and other classics of the genre. Our game is set in a realistic world where you will build and manage a farm, use Science to solve your problems and meet epic scientists like Grace Hopper and Marie Curie.

The Game

Gather resources and build your farm

Manage your character’s time and energy while collecting resources and building your dream farm. Use tools to clear the land, gather wood, rocks and other materials, then use those to craft goods.

Customize your farm.

Decide how you want to manage it

Choose which crops you want to grow and how you will manage your farm. Every choice has consequences, for instance, using pesticides can help control pests, but affects pollinators and birds too. Test sustainable methods like companion planting or biological pest control, and see where they give the best results.

Will you use pesticides or grow organic ?

Build robots and program them

Build robots and drones, and tell them what to do with a visual programming interface inspired by Scratch. Let the robots do the repetitive tasks when you concentrate on expanding your farm, questing or meeting the locals.

Automate repetitive tasks!

Meet epic scientists

Meet inspiring scientists like Grace Hopper or Marie Curie, get to know them and their impressive achievements. Each NPC has his own story, dialogues, schedule and favorite gifts to exchange with you, all inspired by their real historical counterpart.

Make new friends and discover their stories.

Share your ideas!

Do you like farming games ? Have you ever wanted to help build one ? Or do you work in a scienceĀ  related field and want to popularize it ? Are you passionate about men and women of Science ?

We are in the early stages of development. You can help us create the best possible game by giving us feedback and sharing your ideas. Click here to fill our short survey, it should take about 5 minutes.

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