Women in Science : The Video Game

A Farm-Sim with Science & Robots

We are working on a 2D farming game inspired by Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and other classics of the genre. Our game is set in a realistic world where you will build and manage a farm, use Science to solve your problems and meet epic scientists like Grace Hopper and Marie Curie.

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Press Kit (PDF) / Art & Screen Captures (Zip file)

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Women in Science : The Card Game

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Discover 52 remarkable, often unknown, Women of Science!

Each player receives 6 cards, the deck is put at the center of the table and the first card is removed to start the discard pile. The goal is to collect 4 cards of the same color to form a "lab". The first player who forms 3 labs wins.

At the beginning of a turn, the player chooses to take a card from the deck or to take the first card of the discard pile. At the end of the turn, he can only keep 6 cards in his hand, the rest has to be discarded.

To spice up things, some cards have more than one color, and special cards permit to take any scientist from the discard pile, steal 2 scientists from an opponent’s lab (the lab is destroyed and the remains return in the opponent’s hand) or make an exact copy of a scientist.